Food Stylist Extraordinaire, Angela Yeung

My friend, Angela Yeung, was interviewed by KERA Art & Seek about her career as a food stylist. I've had the pleasure of working with Angela for 6 plus years now on photoshoots for TGI Fridays. We also worked together on the Wolfgang Puck/Perot Museum cafe re-design which entailed a crazy 'night at the museum' where we worked after hours in the cafe on a photoshoot that wrapped around 2AM. She's a super talent and there is so much that goes on behind the scenes of making food look it's best for the camera. To learn more about the tricks of the trade, check out the interview.



A fun Furrridays project...

Sorry about the bad pun. If it makes you feel any better, I've had "who let the dogs out" stuck in my head all day. it's stuck in yours too? So sorry...I feel just awful about that. ;)


Chuck E. Cheese is Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

After illustrating Chuck E. since 2004, it took some time to get use to his evolution into a new animated character. But the little guy grows on you quick, and this past year the creative director at CEC was gracious enough to let us work with her and the animation studio and take him out for a spin creating a series of internal logos for their HR and benefits department.


Willis Permian Movers — New Client

We were pleased to help Willis Permian Movers, a division of Bekins based in Austin, with some flyers this past year. One to promote and explain the different types, sizes and uses of boxes they offer. The other to connect and align them with realtors while creating a new and consistent brand look across all materials. So if you live in Austin and need a really good mover — they have our rec.!